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+ Will I need to purchase special foods?

+ Will I need to weigh my food?

+ Am I required to use the Weight Loss Challenge eating plan?

+ How long are the sessions?

+ Is this program diabetic friendly?

+ Where we conduct these challenges?

+ Why do we want to do it?

+ What happens during the Challenge?

+ Do I need to bring an eating plan

+ Does the eating plan exclude certain foods, e.g. no potatoes, wheat?

+ Does the eating plan include everyday foods?

+ Will the support group meeting be on the same day for the duration of the 12 weeks?

+ Who are we?

+ What is the duration of the meetings?

+ What happens if I am unable to make the meeting?

+ What do we intend to do?

+ Who we target?

+ When we conduct these sessions?

+ Will I get hungry on this program?

+ Are you affiliated to Slender Wonder or Weigh Less?

+ Is your eating plan healthy?

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"Weight Management Program disclaimer: All weight loss claims include, amongst other things, a calorie-controlled diet, an adequate daily fluid intake and appropriate rest. No medical claims of any nature are made or intended in any of the stories submitted. The results will vary from person to person and are not guaranteed"
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